Jessica Hong

Founder/ Executive Producer

Jessica is a founder of Alien productions and serves as its Executive Producer.  She has held Head of Production. Producer, and Line Producer roles in post, live-action, VFX, and agency capacities.  She has worked across hundreds of branded content, commercial, documentary, and feature film projects. 


Jessica is also a mother and a lover of spicy food.

Niccolo Vitelli

Founder/ Executive Producer

Niccolo is a founder of Alien Productions. Born in New York and raised in Italy. In 2008, he joined BalCaVit, an Italian print agency, and spearheaded its video department.  Niccolo served as Creative Director and Video Director for clients such as Phillip Morris, WWF, and the Roman Counsel. Finally in 2010 he moved back to New York and continued work on feature films, commercials, and music videos.  Last fall, he produced a segment for NBC which was nominated for an Emmy.


Niccolo currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter & son.